Change for the Better.
Move through life's ups and downs calmly. Achieve personal and professional breakthroughs. Create authentic and satisfying relationships. Sustain transformation and momentum. Unlock your inner voice and finally get free on the inside.
Change for the Better.
Move through life's ups and downs calmly. Achieve personal and professional breakthroughs. Create authentic and satisfying relationships. Sustain transformation and momentum. Unlock your inner voice and finally get free on the inside.
Client Feedback
Mary's work is very subtle and at the same time powerful and empowering. We began the session with something that was troubling me, and while she opened it up in a clear and intelligent way something else was beginning to happen. My awareness of my body moved front and center, and she was very present with it, very ready to track what was going on, and to work with it. It was a remarkable feeling – I'm not sure I've experienced anything like it before. We came very gently, almost imperceptibly, into the presence of a very old wound and I felt it move. And then last night had astonishing dreams with real healing, sweetness, and forgiveness in them. Bill W.

Mary's fantastic and extremely insightful. Her ability to walk through emotional spaces in the body and connect to the critical pieces of learning and healing is wonderful and exactly what I needed to step into a more healing space for myself. If you are feeling like there is something you just "can't quite put your finger on", Mary can really help you ease into the pieces of inner wisdom you need to take the next step into healing.-12 Advisor Client

Mary quickly goes to the root issue and brings light every time. I highly recommend her services. -12 Advisor Client

Thank you, Mary. You have a gentle way of reminding me to take care of myself - to slow down, pause, and breathe. I am so grateful. -12 Advisor Client

Mary helped me to understand and allow a very powerful energy shift I am experiencing. Thank you Mary, your help changed this from a very frightening experience to one I can embrace and even be excited about! -12 Advisor Client

Mary helped me open an aspect of myself that was hidden from me. After working with many teachers Mary stands with the very best I have known, I recommend her work to my students and you will be enriched by any work you do with her. Rev. Ann Emerson - CT

Mary is invaluable support on my journey. She not only sees clearly into the heart of the issue, she helps me to heal these old patterns through practical steps and inspiring me to create new outcomes. I ALWAYS feel lighter after speaking with her. Mary, I am grateful for your support!-12 Advisor Client

Mary, I really can't express how healing your witnessing of my experience is for me. I feel it in my heart space. I am so, so grateful for your compassion, guidance and encouragement. I want you to know you've made a difference in my life. Thank you for being there. -12 Advisor Client

Mary is a profoundly gifted individual. Her sessions are accurate, instructive and very rich with connecting information aligned with what you are working on. She is sincere and trustworthy, humble and wise. -12 Advisor Client

Thank you! That was an amazing experience. You really helped me and your healing visualization was incredible. Just terrific! -12 Advisor Client

I feel really clear and like I can breathe again after talking to Mary. She was able to give me sound advice, and help me learn more about myself.. -12 Advisor Client

Mary is someone I have a great deal of trust in - trust in her gifts as well as her integrity. She's a wonderful advocate to have on one's path. Thank you, Mary. -12 Advisor Client

This work is subtle and yet so powerful in its ability to facilitate healing, growth and insight - I was able to recognize inner obstacles that I didn't know were there before. Margot H. - Paris France

Mary, thank you so much for being there and sharing your amazing gifts of insight and wisdom. Your sessions always help to buoy my faith in myself. THANK YOU. -12 Advisor Client

Thank you for your assistance in my deepening and learning to TRUST my intuition. This is an AMAZING gift. Jeannette - HI

Mary - You have a beautiful way of putting things in perspective that is both practical and affirming. Please know how much I value your support, compassion and insight. -12 Advisor Client

Hello to everyone looking for a truly tuned in, unbiased, kind, compassionate coach, you have found her. I feel so at ease and listened to when I call Mary. She offers insight, as well as healing opportunities for co-healing and co-creation. Mary speaks in a way that is tangible and grounded, meaning understandable. If you have questions, or want to confirm your own knowing, want comfort, or emotional support or life purpose, or direction to take, call Mary. -12 Advisor Client

Thank you Mary, for such a clear, and intuitive session! I loved your profound and insightful support on the issues I'm sorting out. Your help was immense. I felt more peaceful. Thank you! -12 Advisor Client

"Mary's great at offering clear, insightful guidance, and providing a loving, compassionate space in which to relax more deeply into the beautiful truth of your own being." Daniella K. - CA

Mary is a profound healer and intuitive, I am sent to a beautiful, deep healing space with each session. I leave feeling grounded, supported and whole. Her healings resonate all the way to the core of your being, as if you are being healed from the inside out and supported in establishing a secure foundation to move forward in your life in an integrated and empowered way. I feel safe and honored to work with her. And to top it off, Mary is a kind, light and loving soul, it is such a joy to work with this authentic, grounded healer and intuitive! - Lindsey H - CA
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