The foundations Of this work
Wholeness in life begins with listening to our innate wisdom, trusting its insights, and taking courageous actions. The holistic foundations of Mary's work empower the physical, emotional, and relational aspects of our life.
The foundations Of this work
Wholeness in life begins with listening to our innate wisdom, trusting its insights, and taking courageous actions.
The Foundations of this Work
1. Self-Compassion: Self-destruction is an early learned response to pain. When we learn to advocate for ourselves with compassion, we can re-frame situations and bypass limitations. By building a robust sense of self-compassion over time we can re-program the patterns and internalized judgments that dim us down. Self-compassion is the first foundation of cultivating different outcomes in life.

2. Stability: Stability enables us to move through the ups and downs of personal and professional transitions with resilience, courage, and a strong flexible center.

3. Presence: Stay focused and in the moment. Presence is the superpower that helps us leave behind the cycles of overwhelm and reaction. We can only be radically here in our own lives when we are conscious of where we put our time, awareness, and energy.

4. Conscious Empathy and Emotional Intelligence: When we can feel emotions, trust them, and express them with authenticity, our lives, and relationships unfold with more equanimity and a balanced level of openness.

5. Personal Will and Healthy Boundaries: A healthy, secure expression of our own personal will, helps us to create positive momentum in the world. To assert our desires, drives, and purpose, it is essential to create and express nurturing boundaries that guide our time, awareness, goals and energy.

6. Sustainable, Balanced Living: Rest and active states are principles in nature, yet most of us don't have a steady balance of them in the flow of our lives. The resting principle creates spaces for inspiration and creativity to flourish and actualize. The active principle allows us to power up actions that energize and move our lives.

Areas of Learning & Development
1. Intuitive Development & Discernment Intuition is the practice of listening to our body's internal intelligence, listening to the sensing self. Discernment is the ability to obtain key insight and make better choices. Used together, intuition and discernment transform our approach to life so that we can be proactive instead of reactive.

2. Empathic Development – Feelings give voice to the experience in the moment and usually point to a deeper truth and past unprocessed situations. By listening to, understanding, and validating our feelings, we can use this information to help inform the choices we make in life.

3. Cultivate Stability By learning what makes us feel safe and steady, we maintain a strong center in life and create from a place of unshakeable strength.

4. Cultivate Balance – Get off the grid of overwhelm, too much technology and external input. Take time to be nurtured by nature and the physical world. Understand and work to shift the cycle of adrenaline overload and/or frozen inaction so that you are choosing your life, rather than chasing it.

5. Cultivate Receptivity – Social programming has taught many of us to be overly self-sufficient. We cannot have full lives unless we slow down, get clear on our needs and receive emotional, physical, and financial nourishment. You'll learn to develop reciprocal relationships based on solid trust in the act of giving, receiving and understanding the capacity of the people in your life.
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